Misinformation surrounding conservation matters can often lead to a perpetual state of confusion in which the necessary actions needed in order to make change are hindered.

For example, when the Amazon fires made global headlines, media panic ensued. Media outlets began writing loud headlines suggesting the Amazon rainforest could ‘self-destruct’.

By giving into these sensationalist headlines, and ignoring the little good news that does exist, we create dangerous echo chambers for ourselves.

According to NASA, the total global acreage burned by fires is steadily declining. Additionally, reforestation is on the incline.

However, these facts do not mean we are fine, and can ignore the situation. What they do show is that misinformation comes in many different forms. Trapping ourselves in filter bubbles denies us the ability to learn and progress.

It’s important to equip ourselves with all the facts before spreading information that may be false.

What do you do to get the full picture?

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