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We are

Fact Check

Logically employs the world’s largest team of dedicated fact-checkers. We digest news stories, rumours, and conspiracy theories to help you separate the facts from the fakery in your news diet.

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The free Logically app is home to a suite of tools, including bespoke fact-checking and an AI-curated feed designed to help you navigate the news. Using the app, you can submit claims to be checked by our team and share the results on social media. Our news feed is automatically generated by a specially designed AI to help you to contextualize what you see, think critically, and see stories and viewpoints from across the political spectrum.

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The more people understand the ways in which information travels online, the safer they will be from the threats of misinformation and ‘fake news’. Because of this Logically is committed to increasing the availability of digital literacy and media literacy resources online.

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Misinformation has become a serious threat to every democracy. That’s why Logically partner with governments, media outlets and independent initiatives to stop the spread of disinformation, keep voters informed and keep elections free and fair.

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Logically uses a suite of tools including fact checking, open-source intelligence and AI to investigate a specific domain, subject, and track the spread of disinformation and misinformation campaigns.


Logically builds custom software to collect and processes huge quantities of data into invaluable insight. Our technology leverages cutting-edge AI to automatically contextualize information, assess credibility and veracity, and provide tools for reporting and mitigating misinformation and its effects.


Logically’s journalism and comment is a daily digital destination to help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world of news and media. We also publish guest posts from experts in relevant fields, and resources to cultivate critical thinking skills and media literacy.

Logically's Mission

Improve civic discourse and facilitate critical thinking by:

Providing insight into and analysis of the news.

Guiding people away from echo chambers and filter bubbles, and exposing them to different beliefs, ideas and perspectives.

Placing credibility and context at the heart of digital news approaches.

Our Values

Think Logically

Think Independently

We are politically conscious, but scrupulously nonpartisan

We believe in the necessity of a free and independent media

We are transparent about our interests, and declare potential conflicts

Our commercial interests will never undermine our editorial independence

Think Ethically

We do things because we should, not just because we can

We will not let our technology develop beyond our understanding of its ethical implications

We are collegial, respectful, inclusive, and collaborative in our work

We are truthful with our users and partners, and respect their autonomy, their intelligence and their good faith

Think Rigorously

We are clear, we are precise, we say what we mean and are prepared to stand by it

We adhere at all times to the highest standards of evidence based reasoning, of rational argument and of intellectual honesty

We respect expertise, and support the efforts of experts to effectively communicate their work

Think Critically

We always welcome constructive criticism, from any source, on any subject

We question our assumptions, we question our values, we question our friends and we question ourselves

We do not pretend that we have no individual biases; instead, we work to challenge them, change them and mitigate their effects

Think Effectively

We are pragmatists; we work on the basis that an idea, a tool or a technology is only valuable to the extent that it is useful

We create impact by empowering people with technology, not by replacing them with it

Meet our team


Dr. Anil Bandhakavi

Head of Data Science

Dr. Al Baker

Senior Editor

Claudia Lohmann

Head of Product

Joel Mercer

Product Design Lead

Faheem Nasir

Head of Social Media

Mokshendra K

Head of Engineering & R&D