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Great Game India, Operation Infektion, and Coronavirus Origin Myths.

In this in-depth report, we explore a persistent coronavirus origin myth - that it is a leaked bioweapon - tracing it back to a little-known Indian conspiracy site and finding parallels to Soviet disinformation campaigns.

Joe Ondrak|6th Apr 20|20 mins read

law enforcement

Criminalising Fake News Pt.1: Asia

Can the law fight "fake news"? In the first of this four part series, we look into the laws, suspects, offenders, and the punishments imposed by governments that have criminalised "fake news".

Logically|7th Jan 20|5 mins read

political troll

Troll army invasions and their impact

Learn more about the digital battlegrounds where anonymous troll armies fight to change public opinion.

Logically|25th Oct 19|4 mins read


Misinformation & Conservation: The Amazon fires

Misinformation surrounding conservation matters can often lead to a perpetual state of confusion in which the necessary actions needed in order to make change are hindered.

Logically|10th Sep 19|1 min read


5 weird and worrying uses of bots in politics

Thomas Jefferson wrote that a well-informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy, but in the digital age, what happens when the electorate are being informed by bots?

Logically|1st Jul 19|4 mins read


Information overload & the news

When people have to make a decision, they act to the best of their ability based on the information available, but what happens when there's too much information?

Logically|25th Feb 19|3 mins read

fake news

Cynical Profiteering: How political 'fake news' makes real money

A look into the entrepreneurs that turned 'fake news' into a business.

Logically|12th Feb 19|9 mins read


Digital Pandemics and Vaccinations

A look into the "anti-vaxxers", the digital spaces where they congregate and the propagation of anti-vaccination content.

Logically|7th Dec 18|4 mins read


The middle machines that help us forget where our news comes from

As algorithm-based platforms become the most popular source for news consumption, research finds that users tend to pay less attention to where their news comes from.

Logically|2nd Dec 18|4 mins read