Upon arrival, Ms Patel toured the company site before meeting with the company’s CEO Lyric Jain to discuss some of Logically’s work in India, Sweden and the US alongside government, law enforcement and content platforms to detect, track and stop the spread of misinformation and disinformation during some of the biggest elections on the planet.

Conceived by 23-year old Cambridge and MIT graduate in 2017, Lyric Jain, Logically is a leading global tech start-up with a mission to foster social change. Logically’s misinformation fighting tech is powered by Extended Intelligence (EI) machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and human oversight—empowering citizens to combat fake news and misinformation on any topic.

Logically’s AI powered BotBuster has found that at least 5-12% of all activity of accounts following candidates in the upcoming UK December election are inauthentic. A significant number of these bots have been dormant until recently but we're seeing an uptick in their activity. Additionally threats against candidates are also on the rise, with up to 500 incidents recorded in the last week alone.

During the Indian General election, Logically’s Credibility AI algorithms found 133,000 unreliable news articles and its Veracity AI with support from its dedicated fact-checking team, the largest of its kind in the world fact-checked over 11,000 unique user requests. After evaluating its impressive results, monitoring the 2019 Indian Elections, and scratching the surface of misinformation attempts in the UK, the company was keen to outline potential applications of Logically’s technology capabilities and Human Intelligence Assets in the UK.

CEO Lyric Jain said:

“It’s been a huge honour to welcome the Home Secretary to our head office and introduce them to the misinformation-fighting team. Relative to our work in India and the US the level of problematic content and inauthentic behaviour has been low with only a handful of occasions involving significant bot or coordinated foreign activity. Logically works with Governments and Content Platforms around the world, especially during election events. However a regulatory and legislative approach is yet to be rolled out in the UK and we look forward to continuing our discussions with Government and Civil Service to help deliver a pragmatic and comprehensive approach. ”