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Why should we keep our phones clean?

We use our phones daily consuming a wealth of information in many different forms. Due to the increased amount of information available, there is a higher likelihood that bad or fake information is infecting your phone.

clean phone.
clean mind.
clean india.
stop fake news.

What you can do about it?

Verify anything questionable on your phone and anything you receive by simply forwarding it to the Logically app.

Logically's AI and the World's Largest Factchecking team will verify it as quickly as they can an respond with a sharable image. Share this image as widely as possible especially to whichever source you received it from.

This has been the most effective way of countering fake news especially on WhatsApp (Read our case study). Each one of us can reach 100 other people directly/indirectly and incrementally clean up the whole network.

What is Logically doing about it?

Logically has started the Swachh phone campaign to help with this problem. We are working towards a digital Swachh Bharat by helping Indians across the country to clean up their phones and raising awareness of the problem of misinformation in India.

Logically has created an app that helps with this problem. You can find out more about it on our product page. We are working towards fighting the spread of fake news in India by helping individuals better assess the news they consume by providing them with the help they need to know what is true or false.

what more can you do about it?

Get involved with the Swachh Phone campaign today and spread the word on fighting misinformation in India. We believe this is an important cause, so we thought we'd encourage you to get involved by running our very own competition.

So take action and get involved with the movement now!

How to take part

1. Post a video to your Facebook OR Instagram where you explain how fake news pollutes phones, the internet and your mind and tag Logically on either Facebook or Instagram using the #SwachhPhone.2. Follow us on social media.3. Download the Logically app. (It’s free!)4. Tag at least 2 friends on your post or in the comments of your post.


Join the initiative to fight misinformation & work towards a digital Swachh Bharat.

Download Logically app today!

Competition Rules & Instructions

The competition will be run on Facebook and Instagram, where using your own personal handle you can post a minimum 1-2 minute video highlighting how fake news has polluted your phone, your mind or society.You need to tag Logically’s official handles @LogicallyIN on Facebook and @Logically.in on Instagram.You need to also mention #SwachhPhone on your posts.Likes, comments on your posts will only be taken into account until 11 PM IST on 29th February 2020. (We want to give more people a chance to participate that's why we are extending the deadline).The Winner will be announced on 10th March 2020.Entry is free of charge but fees and charges from your local internet provider might occur when you upload the video, please check your data plan.Competition submissions must not include any endorsements of products or services, or any obscene, violent, vulgarity, nudity, racist or defamatory content. Incomplete entries or entries that do not comply with the formal specifications will be automatically disqualified.Submissions may also not be accepted into the contest if the video spot in the entry features an identifiable individual who has not given their consent to appear or if the image features advertising or trademarks which would otherwise require to obtain permission to use.


The one to score the highest engagement on their videos and judged as the best video to effectively communicate the message will win the iPhone 11.The winner will be notified by e-mail and announcements will be made on the Logically Social Media channels.
Judging Criteria
The judges will look for a creative, engaging and inspiring submissions.Your entry will be judged on:• The relevance of your entry to the competition topic.• Creativity expressed.• Technical ability.• The persuasiveness of the entry.• Participants of the competition agree to the Terms of Use and fulfill the rules of the competition.• Entrants may only submit their own original works.• Submissions will be accepted from November 29, 2019, 11:55 pm IST to 29th February 2020, 11:55 pm IST.• All submitted videos are subject to approval and may not be accepted if they are found to be offensive or in violation of copyright.• Logically reserves the right to use submitted videos on their social media handles, website and in other promotions.The organisers and judges reserve the right to remove any entries from the competition that they feel may breach any of the Competition Rules, the Terms and Conditions or may bring the competition into disrepute. Such entries will be disqualified.This promotion is open to all Indian residents aged over 18 years (except for employees and their families of the Promoter and their group of companies, agents (including affiliates), suppliers and anyone connected with this promotion).The prize is non-transferable and non-refundable and cannot be exchanged by a winner for an alternative. There is no cash alternative.By entering the competition you hereby confirm that any identifiable individual has given their consent to appear in the video.Best of luck in the competition.